Friday, November 27th, 2020

3M All in One Camcorder Projector


3M Camcorder Projector

3M Camcorder Projector

Modern consumers like to see multiple functions combined into a single device, which is why the 3M All in One Camcorder Projector is the perfect device for the market at the moment.

On the outside it is an unassuming, slim device which looks like a cross between a TV remote and a mobile phone. It even resembles the Flip camcorders which were popular for a time, but it offers much more than video capture.

Of course we like 3M video projectors and  the video capturing capabilities of this model are not to be ignored. The 3M Camcorder Projector can record clips at 720p HD resolution. There is even an LED flash which will let you light up darker scenes and take excellent five megapixel still images as well.

2GB of storage space is built into the device, but with a microSD memory card slot you can add an extra 32GB of storage if you invest in a separate microSD card. Even if you leave the camcorder with its standard memory allocation you will be able to take 1000 photos or record 25 minutes of HD video, so it is not a slouch in this respect.

The real star of the show is the built-in mini projector which can pump out images and onto any surface for up to 100 minutes when the device is fully charged. A 20 lumens brightness rating is impressive for such a small, compact device which is powered by an internal battery. There is even an input which will allow you to hook up the projector to your games console or DVD player, so it can become an all in one solution for entertainment at home or when you are on the move.

3M Camcorder Projector Dimensions

3M Camcorder Projector Dimensions

The video projector can display over a screen area of between 10 inches and 65 inches, with a native resolution of 800×600 for some widescreen action. Because the light is generated using internal LED technology there is no need to worry about getting replacement bulbs further down the line as the 3M Camcorder Projector can operate for up to 20,000 hours with no issues.

Whether you are getting together with friends to watch a movie, showcasing your holiday home videos for family members or just keeping yourself entertained when traveling, this compact, multifunctional projector will be a great accompaniment. You could even load the internal memory with files captured using a BlackBerry Torch or another smartphone, letting you experience footage from various mobile platforms in a much larger format than was previously possible. And because you do not need to connect a secondary display it is simple to set up and use, with its intuitive interface keeping you coming back for more.


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